Garlic stops epidemic killer viruses: flu, dengue, bubonic plague, and a myriad of illnesses!

For the years first time visitors have visited this site, reading all the natural remedies for dengue fever; –time to take the gloves/cloves off!


Garlic; –virus killer


If garlic has been recommended to prevent and treat the Black Plague; –”Why wouldn’t it kill flu viruses”? “Why wouldn’t garlic kill dengue viruses”?


Allicin; –does the job so well


The science of stink: What causes garlic breath?

Many of garlic’s therapeutic effect comes from its sulfur-containing compounds, such as allicin, which are also what gives it its characteristic smell
Garlic has immune-boosting properties and is beneficial for heart health, fighting cancer, warding off colds and flus, and reducing inflammation
As allicin in garlic digests in your body, it produces sulfenic acid, a compound that reacts with dangerous free radicals more effectively than any other known compound.
Black (fermented) garlic and sprouted garlic may have even more health potential than fresh garlic
To get the therapeutic benefits of garlic; –be sure to *crush the [raw] clove before you eat it; this stimulates the release of the enzyme called alliinase, which in turn catalyzes the formation of allicin (source; Mercola)

*Author’s notes:  I mince the clove/s into minute bits, just before a meal.  Eating garlic this way reduces the hot sensation while eat veggies and other foods.

At other times I mix the minute bits and a bit of honey in a mug of warm water. 

Emphasis was added to the above quoted material because of the current flu epidemic sweeping the country.


Garlic kills bubonic plague and other pathogen-based disease epidemics
Other natural substances that treat plague

Along with garlic, there are other extremely potent, natural antimicrobial substances that can be used to prevent and treat bubonic plague. Yersinis pestis is available in homeopathic form and can be used prophylactically, as well as to treat active plague. *Colloidal silver destroys bacteria and is especially helpful in treating conditions of the skin as well as when taken internally. Echinacea was used internally to cure blood poisoning, and calendula is highly effecting at fighting bacterial infections, both on the skin and internally. Other potent natural antibiotics that fight plague are oil of oregano, olive leave extract, turmeric, and manuka honey. (source: (

Author’s note: Nano Silver Solution 10 ppm is a newly developed silver product.  LifeSilver Nano Solution 10ppm website gives in depth information as to benefits to address this current health emergency.


Dengue Fever; –goes down too


Garlic organosulfur compounds reduce inflammation and oxidative stress during dengue virus infection

Dengue virus (DENV) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that causes significant global human disease and mortality. One approach to develop treatments for DENV infection and the prevention of severe disease is through investigation of natural medicines. Inflammation plays both beneficial and harmful roles during DENV infection. Studies have proposed that the oxidative stress response may be one mechanism responsible for triggering inflammation during DENV infection. Thus, blocking the oxidative stress response could reduce inflammation and the development of severe disease. Garlic has been shown to both reduce inflammation and affect the oxidative stress response. Here, we show that the garlic active compounds diallyl disulfide (DADS), diallyl sulfide (DAS) and alliin reduced inflammation during DENV infection and show that this reduction is due to the effects on the oxidative stress response. These results suggest that garlic could be used as an alternative treatment for DENV infection and for the prevention of severe disease development. (source: (PMC US National LibraryPMC US National Library…)
Keywords: dengue virus, inflammation, oxidative stress response, alternative medicine

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