Nano Silver 10 PPM remedy of choice for Ebola in Sierra Leone, infuriates FDA/FTC/WHO; Paypal and other oline banking institutions join attack on NSF– Why?…

Wake up Africa! Your being had again; –this second time around…

Why did FDA/FTC

Attack Natural Solutions Foundation?

NSF being attacked for supplying Silver Sol 10 PPM to Sierra Leone-- It Works! NSF being attacked for supplying Silver Sol 10 PPM to Sierra Leone– It Works!

Natural Solutions Foundation (NSF), suppliers of Nano Silver Sol PPM, for testing in Sierra Leone (now a success story)– FDA/FTC/WHO/PayPal and other online banking and credit card institutions have joined in the attack on NSF to the point of driving it head-on into bankruptcy.

Other name brand suppliers of Silver Sol 10 PPM have been placed under secret gag orders, having received the new technique of silence by letter of intimidation, don’t tell, but do as we demand even by hand delivered letters from FDA.


Because it works! Silver Sol 10 PPM is a known remedy that works!

There are many invested parties with invested interests in Ebola and the remedy, ranging from governments on two continents, including the military, NGOs, and branded suppliers.

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