Have you settled with a “Way” of life with illness – Aint’ no money in well people!

In my own family, I dare say how close! My own wife! Has been taking a cocktail of meds for at least ten years now. Just the other day, again, I called her attention to this fact;

Which of those meds, on the label reads; –This medication/drug will strengthen your own body’s immune system as it works to heal your ‘irregular heart beat’?

About the eighth year, my wife was told she needed a heart pacer. This rocketed us in emergency panic mode finally suggesting she needs a heart pacer.

Well! Sending me into shock and great fear, having no means of paying for such, searching online found a NGO charity, if we qualified, would provide either a new or reconditioned heart pacer depending on which was available.

My wife was required to see their doctor and take extensive test at Hi-Precision Diagnostic clinic.

The NGO’s doctor declared; –“You don’t have ‘irregular heartbeat. You have ‘rapid, heart beat’. A change of meds was prescribe and seemed to relieve her symptoms for about a year.

As usual, symptoms returned to their troubling presence again. Going back to the new doctor, she told my wife; –”You need to take some of the old meds again!” I flipped in anger needles to say.

My wife is 67, I’m 80.

How many meds do I take; –none.

How many typical old age ailment do I have; –none almost, except for a little hearing loss in my left ear.

How many body aches and pains do I have; – none.

How often do I take flu shots or get colds or flu; –none, or at least can’t remember the last time for either.

How often do I get headaches; –none that I can recount over a life-time!


As a young adult, I met a young medical school dropout who introduced me to Echenacia herb. I in turn shared this experience with many, many others. This was the beginning of my search for affordable natural alternatives and professional health care providers, some of which are licensed MDs who are also licensed Natural Practitioners.

This dialogue will continue in my next posting…

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I propose that there is absolutely NO desire on the behalf of the Pharmaceutical Mafia to cure our cancer, diabetes or other lifetime health problem. Instead, they continually work on ways to keep us alive longer in order for each of us to throw more and more money their way chasing the hope of a cure. Why would they do something like this? The answer is simple, this practice generates maximum profit.

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