Crowd funding to upgrade our efforts to end Dengue Fever epidemics and Ebola world threatening outbreaks!

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To upgrade and enhance our efforts to end Dengue Fever epidemics and Ebola outbreaks, we are crowd funding with

roadsideviewbacktowardsfrontofcomplexFor support of $5.00> we have decided to compile a trove of pictures showing the impact typhoon Yolanda, 8 November 2013 took on our community.  There will be ID information for each picture and Q&A feature for those interested in greater details.

We just started this effort and would love for our first support to come from family members and the WordPress community we have been a part of since November 2012, advocating to end the needless long term sufferings and deaths especially of innocent young children.

Knowing the scientific laboratories, and the natural health research institutions have produced a cure for even Ebola, ages ago; –we want to break through the suppression of this life-saving truth which will save thousands and more thousands of lives, of children of all ages (that’s us).

I’m hoping, next to family members, that the WP community will be some of the first supporters of this effort….

Please be among the first to respond…

Nicasio Martinez / a very concerned great-great grandfather 80 years and counting daily…