Why Does America Have 13 Million Households That Don’t Have Enough Food To Eat?

Have you ever had a day when your children were crying due to hunger but the cupboards were completely bare and your bank account was empty?  If you haven’t, you should consider yourself to be extremely blessed, because this is what real life feels like for millions upon millions of Americans in 201

Source: Why Does America Have 13 Million Households That Don’t Have Enough Food To Eat?


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My grandmother became a widow before I finished elementary school. She took a third shift job to supplement the welfare check that use to arrive monthly in the envelope that has a green circle around the view address window. She would have been dubbed a welfare cheat had the investigator found out, and if reported; –all while attempting to keep her first two grandchildren well fed, housed in a two bedroom apartment, kept Spic & Span, because my sister and I , were taught; cleanliness was next to Godliness. We were active in the cleanliness part.

My mother on the other hand went on to have three more sons and two daughters. Running away to live with my mom, there I often ate mayonnaise sandwiches and drank good NYC water. Sometimes we were able to have baloney or spam between the slices of white bread.

Politics, democrats, republicans, communist, socialist, and the failing Christian community; –none seemed to directly make a definite mark in uplifting my life. But some good seeds did fall into my mind.

Only a deep seated knowledge, in spite of what I share here; –There is a Father Creator that does care. How do I know this? By the testimony of my life. This is not my home, though born here. I have been taught to love my neighbor as myself. Think more of my neighbor than myself. Yes! The world does not believe in this simple truth, that is why nation after nation seeks dominance over all others. Death (even a living death) is dealt out to all who refuse to fall into line with those in power.

Train up a child in where he should go, and when he is old (80) he will not depart from it. Finally! These simple truths are crashing forward for me. I’m not attempting to be a Claude Brown, James Baldwin, but Martin Luther King Jr., though not perfect as David was not perfect, nor me, MLK,Jr was right that is why he is not with us today. Same for others who spoke to truth, John & Bob Kennedy, Gandhi, Malcolm X, maybe John Lennon, truth spoken by anyone clashes with the murderous darkness of those of evil intent. They do not value life, even for their selfish selves.

Now that I have shared this; — may Yahuwah and Yahushua, in there true Hebrew none KJV names, have mercy on my soul….