Why on earth; –my doctor never told me about ‘Adult Stem Cells’

We all know our bodies (cells) needs nourishment; –but of all the years of treatment, never did my doctor mention ‘Adult Stem Cells’. What are they? Why are they important?

Adult stem cell
Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells, found throughout the body after development, that multiply by cell division to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues. Also known as somatic stem cells, they can be found in juvenile as well as adult animals and humans, unlike embryonic stem cells.

What are they;
…undifferentiated cells
…found throughout the body
…after development

Why are they important;
…that multiply by cell division to
…replenish dying cells and
…regenerate damaged tissues

If you read no further than this line, but, absorbed, researched, and understood all of the ‘What & Why’… your ageing years would be filled with much more joy and appreciation.

What have I learned to share with you;
undifferentciated cells – form/clone themselves into whatever cell they replace throughout the adult body
…that multiply by cell division – to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues

No; it’s not the magic of medications that do the vital healing, medications, like nutritional supplement, assist/enhance the workings of Adult Stem Cells.

It is my hope; you are beginning to get the real picture here of why we need to know if the treating medical professionals we have trusted now and through the coming years, know of and the functions of Adult Stem Cells in our bodies;
…like nutritional supplements
…assist/enhance the
…workings of Adult Stem Cells

Before ending this intro into Adult Stem Cells; –this is but the beginning of moving on and up from the many years of advocating simple food (plant) and a host of natural alternatives that now accomplish what modern medicine is miserably failing in protecting our daily health needs, especially in an affordable manner.