Not 1 justification for dengue epidemics in all of Asia; can you handle that?

Sanath Hettige MD, MBBS, DFM, MCGP

“Turning papaya leaf into a *cure for dengue fever…
A traditional herbal remedy…
and [end] death among children and adults in Asia and Latin America”
(emphasis & insertion added)

*University Of Nottingham
02/July/2018 11:47 am – It was a Sri Lankan researcher Dr. Sanath Hettige who pointed out in 2008 that the vital power of Papaya leaf extract to treat Dengue fever.

An important question worth to rise here is, Why Sri Lanka still lagging on the expertise of the researcher Dr. Sanath Hettige!

Now, thanks to the funding from the Malaysian Ministry Of Higher Education, a team of chemical engineers in the University Food And Pharmaceutical Engineering Group in Malaysia are tackling the challenge of extracting the bioactive compound ‘carpaine’ for use in a pill for dengue.

But it’s already known as a home cure since 2008; –and:

The Times Of India
21/August/2019, 15:00 IST – How to use papaya leaves to fight dengue…
“…its leaves contain many healing properties; –are well-known to increase the platelet count and are enriched with anti-malarial properties, making it the best home remedy to fight against dengue fever and other illnesses.

Note: This is but a one page introduction, to be updated and improved as needed, of vital extracted excerpts aimed to put an end to the no cure myth. Natural remedies remarkably cut short even the recovery cycle. There are more than one natural cures for dengue fever. My favorite is and simplest to prepare is camote tea.

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