Greta under sail to Spain; “a child shall lead them”

In keeping with adding & Much More to the name of our blog; –Greta Thunberg, age 16 female teenager, avid environmentalist, is on her return voyage to the European continent. What is interesting of this ‘& Much More’ posting, she has aligned her childhood environmental concerns with the massive political movement to impose mandates that will adversely impact our lives; — such as suspending travel aboard airlines, fossil fueled energy — such as gasoline for cars.

Flying across the Atlantic Ocean was not an option in her beliefs, so she is on a 48′ Catamaran sailboat now plowing through 26 Knot winds at 5.2 kts, near the island of Bermuda.

Please comment if you have an interest in this posting. It would be a great stretch to go into great details on this & Much More posting unless it sparks some comments……