Duterte warns judges against challenging vape ban

The President’s remark is the latest show of disregard for the independence of the judiciary and the role of lawyers

Source: Duterte warns judges against challenging vape ban

My sincere heart feelings goes out to all who are attempting to give up smoking, this addictive and health crushing habit.  My humble suggestion; –find support groups in your area that offer meetings of encouragement to fight this social addiction.  When I see youth, teens, puffing away thinking how cool they must look;  –my feelings and emotions sadden.

Anyone reading this, and know of support groups, please comment and post a link or location of active support groups in your area.  I will begin searching right after posting this article…

For A Start:

Begin to comment on this posting and see if we can be of encouragement to others to give up this habit.  Vaping was a commercial attempt. Let your concerns and positive suggestions be of value and first step by dialog here.

One thought on “Duterte warns judges against challenging vape ban

  1. Who will be the first to share a comment; a word of encouragement, a location of a stop smoking support group in your area, sharing your desire to stop smoking, please see the need for your voice on this ever pressing health concern.

    The lungs make rapid recovery when this health crushing additive habit is broken…

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