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Flash Back | 08 September 2013 — Six years ago this posting was to honor and remember in memorial children who had the misfortune to fall prey to dengue fever. During this holiday season we will select and add updated information at the end of each Flash Back posting. Your comments of this effort will be warmly and kindheartedly appreciated.

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In our tradition of finding children’s talent that will give us pause, a momentary distraction, to honor children, and remembering our children, this posting was chosen because the young girl lives was born in the Philippines.

Please view this You Tube posting from beginning to end.

Arisxandra bought tears to my eyes.

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Updated 22 November 2019 — (a brief account)

Arisxandra Libantino; —was born 2001 in the Philippines, is an English singer.  Having a desire to lift her parents out of poverty, that passion certainly reflects in her invigorating performances.  As an incredible child singer, her natural talent pouring forth reflects deep emotion, she delivers with ease.

As a contestant, 27 May 2013 she performed ‘I Have Nothing’ which landed her in the top three of the semi-finals.

In the finals, 08 June she performed ‘The Voice Within’.  Arisxandra finished in eighth place with 2.9% of the vote.

Arisxandra has returned to the Philippines and has performed with The Voice franchise.  She has accomplished her childhood passion to raise her parents out of poverty, having a net worth in the millions of dollars.

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