Flash Back 11 November 2012 | Call to action – Get active – Help bury dengue fever in 2013

Update: 7 years ago, after learning that Doctor Sanath Hettige had written and was published in the British Medical Journal of his simple, even possible home cure for dengue fever, I started this blog Viruses Dead End Here. It troubles me deeply, even today, CDC, WHO, still tell us there is no cure for dengue fever. The Pharmaceutical Industries have produced experimental vaccines that only succeeded in killing children. Yet! What have you heard of Papaya Leaf Extract?

Because this is a powerfully outspoken blog on this issue, as this year is ending; –taking a pause from the emotionally challenging task of asking your support by comments or as you deem, we post the following You Tube selection of a remarkable young woman who is now –world famous… ‘Halo’ — I dedicate this to all the ‘angel’ parents who have had difficult moments in their lives… at 1:35 see her mom; at 2:18 a male family member, I don’t remember his relationship…

2013 Bury Dengue Fever & Severe Dengue Fever – Not Children!  Just as we found the will and resources to explore space, let’s empower the will in 2013 to bury Dengue Fever & Severe Dengue Fever— not our child/ren!

If the will of some individuals—

  • whether a family member,
  • friends,
  • neighbors,
  • businesses (including NGOs), small or global,
  • community to international leaders,

can pool their efforts, thoughts, careers, plans and mental faculties, to put a ‘man on the moon,’ certainly we can enable our personal will powers, in the year 2013, to bury Dengue Fever & Severe Dengue Fever— not our child/ren, even if they are grown.

If a person, can dedicate, give or sacrifice their life for—

  • a family member,
  • a close friend,
  • a next door neighbor,
  • or perfect stranger,
  • 1a family pet

in their hour of great calamity, whether it be robbery in process, a house on fire, a drive by shooting, maybe even giving an organ to save the life of a stranger, we can resolve in 2013, to bury Dengue Fever & Severe Dengue Fever— not our child/ren, even if they are grown.

If an untrained family pet dog—

  • 2rescued a child from drowning in the Philippines,
  • sit by a fellow dog struck by an automobile until some person comes to give aid,
  • if a dog will leave its master, close to dying, laying on the hot desert sand, to get help for what would have been the demise for both,
  • if your dog, or a dog in your locality, prevented harm to you or someone in your community,

certainly we can ban together, connected as an online global community, in 2013, to bury Dengue Fever & Severe Dengue Fever— not our child/ren, even if they are grown.

If we kill but only one mosquito in a day—

  • when waking in the morning that fattened pest on the wall or screen we squash,
  • while riding some public transportation we clap our hands together and score another victory over a menacing pest,
  • sitting in a restaurant we render a deadly blow to a mosquito that landed on the table,
  • killing that one even before going to bed,

begins to empower us towards our common goal, in 2013, to bury Dengue Fever & Severe Dengue Fever— not our child/ren, even if they are grown.

If we put aside our doubts, no matter how lofty our goal, even for just a moment;

  • We can and must believe with the help of our immediate families and neighbors, we will accomplish this action of great merit!
  • We can be the one to advocate, in our own neighborhoods, that will advocate and inspire commitment to stay the course.
  • We understand, it’s not our money or the lack of it, that will keep our children alive— it is our sheer individual will joined with the support of our community that will give us confidence to reach our goal by no later than 2400/hrs – 31 December 2013.
  • We will rejoice and have a great global feast— because we engaged disease bearing mosquitoes around the globe and kept our children alive and well.

My number 1 Bucket Wish for 2013 is for thousands of parents and child guardians to commit to keeping their families free of Dengue Fever & Severe Dengue Fever. Let us labor together, that any child, if stricken will get the best care regardless of their families ability to pay or where they live on the face of this globe.

No child, anywhere on this planet, in the year 2013, should be denied prime care, regardless of the obstacles to overcome to make this a reality.

  • We do not live on the moon but humans have put their footprints there.
  • Not many of us look forward to a trip to Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn, but money is always available for these ventures that do not provide us protection from mosquito borne diseases!
  • 2013, for the whole year, let us endeavor to join hands, thousands of parents and guardians, pledging for 2013 to bury Dengue Fever & Severe Dengue Fever— not our child/ren, even if they are grown..

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EUREKA, California—A family that tried to rescue their dog from powerful surf in California were swept out to sea, leaving the parents dead and their 16-year-old son missing, authorities said.


Out in the open sea, where the rampaging water dumped her and her dog, Jennylou said the already exhausted mongrel navigated towards a plank of wood floating nearby. As soon as she clung to the log, Jennylou said, the dog went under  and was never seen again.

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

About PLXC-CTC Dengue Remedies

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Summer Jike Junyi is now world famous.  The passion she shares in Halo shows a deep emotional commitment in pursuing a singing career.  I don’t know or remember if her father survived to see the start of her career.  At 1:23 and 2:18 you see in the faces of her mom and a male family member — strong personalities.  I hope we have Halo members in our families that aided us through so many conflicts and dangers we were  not aware of in our youth.  I will be updating Flash Back postings as needed.  Stay in touch…

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