01 January 2020 – Call for a ‘People’s Forum; break the silent sound barrier on dengue fever known cures in your local meeting places

Appeal to the people’s of Asia
Open Letter from: senior1938voic.com

I’ve had it again:

There is no justification for dengue fever epidemics. Doctor Sanath Hettige proved that ages ago. Dengue fever is a ‘Cash Cow’ feeding domestic groups, pharmaceutical manufactures, NGOs, research institutions, with big returns on their low investments. In this letter to all of Asia I will rest the theme of this first paragraph, but gladly address it in a ‘Peoples Forum To End Dengue Fever With Known Published Cures’.

The truth behind why dengue fever is still able to reach deadly epidemics in any community; –the details are too dark and mysterious to be able to address in an Open Letter. There is no wealth to be gained from healthy people. Who will suffer most? Those without expendable wealth, and those who can not afford health insurance; “self included”!

To justify I’ve had it again, research the name Sanath Hettige. If you feel motivated, search dengue fever/Sanath Hettige at the British Medical Journal website; –and The Times Of India (dengue home cure) too. Now if you really want to know something — dengue fever on steroids – Ebola!

This outdated disease has never ceased to be studied in ‘Killer Virus Designer Labs’, known and unknown to the public.

The only way to stop dengue fever is to start off the New Year 01 January 2020 on the right and left feet walking towards a peoples forum.

Wherein possible, by 01 January 2020, in our local or regional meeting places, even malls, we must have a united People’s Conference, even monitored CTV conference Asian hook up, where we will serve notice; – We are tired of the “no cure” for dengue fever’ to long lived myth. It is not a complicated disease by any measure. For ages our older generation have known cures that grow even wild in our gardens or deserted lots.

I’ve had it again! When will we ever learn! We have the solution to dengue fever, handed to us time and time again. I’ve had it again! This is a call to you now helping make this Appeal to the people’s of Asia:

Open Letter from: senior1938voic.com,

help make this a come true reality… start now, right now in your own local communities…

Let us know what you are doing toward sharing this call to action with your community and contacts:

Please respond with your comments or even volunteer to make this effort happen now!
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