Dengue fever –We need to move on beyond dum dum suggetions; think diet!

Have you ever heard of:

“Let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food”

Dum dum suggestions explained:

For nearly 100 years, we’ve been reading or heard of suggestions/remedies that have proven to be successful at demonstrating failure after failure; –not to solving life-threatening (dengue) illnesses:

  • Wear protective clothing.
  • Use mosquito (some toxic) repellents.
  • Clean up around your living space, keep area free of standing water.
  • Control mosquito population by generic engineering, though ignorant of the outcome.
  • Live, work, recreate in air conditioned environments.
  • Get on line for approved vaccines, some proven to be deadly.

Think diet:

To understand how fruit tress and plants, including their leaves, stems, bark or roots, can become an affordable, free, or almost free source to solve our medical needs – let’s start with the papaya tree:

The Herbal Insider:

The Herbal Insider | 2013 article, chosen because it provides us an excellent beginning foundation to establish factual and scientific proof of a cure (Papaya Leaf Extract) for dengue fever – preventing progression to severe dengue and damage to ones liver and other vital body organs. Knowing truthful and proven facts, we can bury the ‘no cure’ myth declared by WHO or CDC, and any other institution holding to its deadly refusal of truth. Once we understand the hidden meaning of ‘no cure’ truly means; –no ‘patentable cure. Now we open the door for natural cures:

Doctor Sanath Hettige; a voice from Sri Lanka

para. 1 Dr Sanath Hettige Sees Urgency in Promoting the Healing Effects of Papaya Leaf Tea Extract. “a delay in formal research and publication may result in many deaths if we were to wait for results of a study without making information available to patients during the present epidemic.” – Dr Sanath Hettige

para. 3 Dr. Sanath Hettige, an MBBS doctor – a consultant family physician – has affirmed that papaya leaf extract has definite beneficial effects on dengue patients. It prevents dengue patients from going in to dengue hemorrhagic state, he says.

para. 5 The report further states, “The pilot study has shown the effects of papaya leaf juice in dengue patients of elevating the total white cell counts, platelet counts and recovery without hospital admission.”

para. 7 Dr. Hettige’s latest research on randomized controlled clinical trial that is on going with more than 70 dengue patients including children has found that all patients who consumed papaya leaf extracts recovered fully with no hospital admission. The results had been highly significant when compared to the control group who did not consume papaya leaf extract. Meanwhile Dr. Hettige has submitted an application for patent rights for its use and has received a patent number, but is awaiting approval.

para. 19 A: It does three main services – the leaf extract increases the white blood cells and blood platelets and normalizes the clotting profile which are the main aspects affected when infected with dengue. The most important factor is that it improves liver function too. The juice helps repair the damage caused to liver cells by dengue fever.

All of the above extracted paragraphs were selected in the hope you will click on this link and read the full article.

Six years later, The Times Of India is still publishing articles about papaya leaf home cure.

Papaya leaves to fight dengue: Being considered as one of the healthiest fruits, papaya helps in curing many diseases. Not only the pulp but its leaves contain many healing properties. Its leaves are well-known to increase the platelet count and are also enriched with anti-malarial properties, making it the best home remedy to fight against dengue fever and other illnesses.
It is my hope, and that’s been six years and counting; –there will be a movement by us, the people, to kill the myth WHO & CDC continues to trumpet to this day… not worth repeating is it?

Comment, email us, let’s organize a People’s Movement To End The No Cure Myth… will be the next theme posted.

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