2019 Dengue fever two most effective treatment plans; have you heard of this before – please answer!

2019 Two most effective alternative treatment plans for Dengue

05 September 2019 | Updated

Dengue, remains, by and large one of the most menacing infections. Also called ‘breakbone fever’ or ‘dandy fever’, dengue is transmitted through the Aedes mosquito and affects a large population every year as the monsoon season starts. According to WHO statistics, there are close to 50-75 million infections happening globally.

While there is no such cure yet for the disease, the only option is to tackle the symptoms and stop the platelet count from falling down further. Generally, doctors advice medicines, blood transfusion or intravenous fluid replacement to manage the fever and restore hydration levels but alternative forms of healing too offer some scope in fighting the disease. They have also been used as a complementary form of healing medicine to treat the deadly dengue virus. We tell you two of the most common and effective treatment plans: (read the article)

What does ‘no cure’ mean:

It means there in no patented pharmaceutical cure for dengue fever recognized by the WHO & CDC.

Are natural remedies restricted from freely using the word ‘cure’?

Yes! The WHO & CDC warns, cautions, suppresses natural alternative use of the word ‘cure’. Scientific researchers and laboratories are not intimidated in use of the cure. The words ‘treatment’ and ‘remedy’ are more acceptable for use for the alternative community of medicine as viewed by the WHO & FDA, who still claim there is no cure for dengue fever.

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