How I became interested in addressing dengue fever known cures

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When word reached us, my nephew living with his aunt in Leyte, came down with dengue fever, immediately I sent a text message to his aunt; –make him camote tea and have him drink it daily.  The doctor approved our advise.  In just a few days, Kim was discharged from the hospital.  The doctor said; “He drank plenty of water, that’s why he recovered so quickly”.  No mention was made of what the water consisted of.  So typical.  Natural cures are down played by medical professionals to the demise of dengue fever victims.

The use of papaya leaves to treat fever has been known in Asia for more than 50/years.

Natural health alternatives has been a major interest from my early youth. When my oldest son was suffering from flu like symptoms, a friend who had dropped out of med school, told me to give him Echenacia and a hot water bath in the tub. It worked. Tasmine had rapid relief from the symptoms he had been suffering with.

Many are helped by sharing our personal experiences. It is difficult to break away from contemporary practices, it takes faith.

I’m completing an assignment with this post. Trying to give new life to a blog of 7 years no; –naturally this will require two weeks, daily posting. Cheers for starting anew in all things….