Typhoon Tisoy is here – blew in this Monday evening

Again like Typhoon Yolanda 08 November 2013, Typhoon Tisoy (Kammuri) is blowing easterly as it blows in from the Pacific Ocean. Wind direction is easy to detect. Look at the coconut tree leaves, they are pointing to the east as the storm winds blow in from the west. It is only 07:40 AM at this time. Coconut trees had recovered from the shock and destruction of a vast number of trees six years ago.

12:09 PM, just returned from having lunch out and making a trip to the fresh market. The winds have gotten noticeably stronger. There’s not been much rain and none is falling at the present time. So, for the moment, all is well.

15:03 PM, just woke from a nap. It’s been raining off and on. You can now hear the roar of the wind, there’s no doubt, Tisoy Is ever nearby. Time to post and will add as things begin to further develop.

Remember RAPPLER NEWS updates during this storm.

15:35, the electric power just went out. Going offline to conserve battery power for now. My granddaughter is into her terrible twos. How I am glad to be the annoyed grandparent for short periods of time. Her parents with their two young daughters will be with us throughout this storm until it ceases to rage.

17:05, the power has been off and on since 15:35. The wind speed has increased but the full fury has yet to blow across Daan Bantayan. RAPPLER headline at this time: ‘Threat increases’ as Typhoon Tisoy nears Northern Samar, Albay, Sorsogan. “Typhoon Tisoy (Kammuri) is expected to make landfall in Albay, Sorsogon, or Northern Samar between Monday evening, December 2, and early Tuesday morning December 3.

It is important to note, after Yolanda left the area phone service was down for months in our area – but a few days later while making the trip on my motorcycle to Bogo, at the Globe store, I was assured the pocket WiFi I purchased would work in my home area. Sure enough it did. We shall see if the same will be true after Tisoy passes.

I’ll try to get this on WordPress now… not able to get into WP yet. RAPPLER news service is still open to us. It reports, in our Daan Bantayan area, we are still in a Signal No. 1 (winds of 30 km/h to 60 km/h)­

It is vital to report, here in the Daan Bantayan area, we have remained under a Signal No. 1 (winds of 30 km/h to 60 km/h); so we are not getting battered as much as points north of here, nor the islands to our east, always a buffer that gives us shelter usually from the worse effects of any typhoon. Again, due to the ferocity of Yolanda, even with a buffer we were battered pretty bad.

During Yolanda my wife suggested we go to another house in our complex. Cautiously walking towards the window, peeping out a corner edge, I said; “They don’t have a roof”. I told her go sit by the CR, which was to the back of our duplex. Yolanda came in at 08:00 AM and was finished by noon. It moved rapidly.

Will Tisoy (Kammuri) move rapidly? Currently moving at 20 km/h, will reach our area just south of Bicol in the evening (Monday) December 2. RAPPLER news media has all the details.

Time is moving so I” post this now.

00:30, I laid down to rest at about 19:00 and was not able to open any news pages except RAPPLER, which I’m going to open now. Before doing so, this is not a Yolanda type typhoon, judging by the sounds of the wind through the trees, and my plywood sheeting ceiling is not breathing, more on that later.

01:03, just opened the RAPPLER news site: TYPHOON TISOY MAKES LANDFALL IN SORSOGON. (Updated) Typhoon Tisoy (Kammuri) hits Gubat, Sorsogon, at 11 pm on Monday, December 2

The typhoon has slightly slowed down, moving west at 15 km/h from the previous 20 km/h. Max winds of 175 km/h from 165 km/h and gustiness up to 240 km/h up from previous 230 km/h. Read these detail in full by clicking on the link above the weather map.

The tracking map above, shows the storm should begin clearing our land based area Tuesday at 8 pm.

Will try to post to Word Press now. Earlier attempts failed.

I was not able to post all of the above until early Tuesday morning. Will try making updates below when possible. Thanks for reading this far…

04:45, At some point our area, Daan Bantayan was lifted to Signal No.2. Sitting here in the house, no alarming wind sounds are reaching my ears. I’ll have to step over a few bodies still fast asleep on floor mats.

05:00, There is a soft slight wind and a star can be seen in the sky. In my limited understanding, could this be the passing of the eye over our area. When the wind cranks up again, that will confirm my thinking we have entered the back end of the storm.

08:52, just returned from the sea coast, an amazing difference in judging the force and speed of the wind. Yes! This was to feel the raw force of the wind, the sensation of which is lost being at least 1/4 km from the shoreline with trees, wild growth and houses buffering the wind. All the pam boats where in a sheltered cove, none dare defy the coast guard warnings which would only put lives in grave danger today. This is my last update unless there is any other vital detail to add.

Thanks for reading all of this…

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