takes a Music & Song celebration break until New Year 2020 – “A Change Is Going To Come”

Several times in the past 7 years we have featured YouTube music & song. Well; –until the end of this 2019, in our ‘Much More’ tag, I will share with you sounds that have been favorites of mine. I hope you, and please invite others to share in these posts.

If I come across an urgent bit of news, it will be posted during this December change in menu.

Don’t leave us;

–but enjoy what we share until the end of the year.
By all means share with others and invite them to view our ‘Much More’ year end break; and the selections we post: (open for suggestions in the comments box too)

First selection:

–Father Thomas Owen and Son Brian Owen before a select private audience perform from the depths of their souls – enjoy…

click to play:

A Change Is Going To Come;

Changes come into our lives rather unexpectedly