2020 Appeal to all Asian International Corporations to act in the interest of adult customers/donors and their children


No excuse for dengue fever long painful sufferings and horrific deaths

Why the disconnect in all of Asia

It’s an impossible dream to stop mosquito bites.

It ‘s a conscious reality to end long periods of painful suffering and horrific deaths.

Think mainly of the innocent children who die not understanding their illness nor deaths.

Professional health care institutions in all Asia, since 2008 have turned blind eyes and deaf ears to the cure discovered by research oriented Doctor Sanath Hettige – at the pleadings of his wife to discover a cure to stop the long sufferings and dying of her young patients of severe dengue fever.

Doctor Sanath Hettige reported from the very beginning, Papaya Leaf Extract (Rapid Cure – 2 days), by patient choice, is an optional home cure, reported in the British Medical Journal and many Asian news media, including The Times Of India, Indian News and other Asian media – time, and time again.

Volumes (paper tons) of research has been made public and continues to this day. Big Pharma are struggling to match the latest accomplishment of Dr. Hettige since he patented a Papaya Pill, this was an excellent accomplishment on his part.

Some doctors in Asia are now beginning to give passive acknowledgment to the benefits to be gained from *PLXRC-2days, mocking its claim of such fast action, but yet, giving reluctant acceptance as minimally as possible.

Senior1938voice.com, is in the process of contacting as possible, one by one, email and registered letter addressed to major international enterprises to research PLXRC-2days for the sake of reducing the long sufferings and severe dengue fever horrible deaths of their adult customers and their young children.

As yet, we do this with utter confidentiality, but will publish a report by 01 April 2020 of responses received, not received (ignored). We will try and determine how many children die of dengue fever beginning 01 January 2020. Many of the deaths, if not all, would have been avoided had we warmly embraced the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige and the thanks due to his wife.

This public online letter will be updated weekly on a Fridays, Philippine Time beginning early morning 04 April 2020. Please pass this forward with intent to end the ‘No cure myth’.

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