Dengue fever papaya leaf extract rapid cure history 2008 – 2018; why the disconnect

Turning papaya leaf into a cure for dengue fever

University Of Nottingham UK | CHINA | MALAYSIA | 02 July 2018

Researchers in University of Nottingham has found that bioactive compound called ‘carpaine’ in papaya leaf extract helps to stop internal haemorrhage in dengue fever.

It was a Sri Lankan researcher Dr Sanath Hettige who pointed out in 2008 that the vital power of Papaya leaf extract to treat Dengue fever. Later on he produced Sri Lankan patented product PAPAYA CAP, which won the Presidential award for the best medical invention of the year and the silver award for the same in the International Innovation Fair in India. Now Malaysian government, a keen player in medical innovations industry is trying to develop its own kind of drug using Papaya leaf extract.

Ways to use papaya leaves to fight dengue fever

Tribune Desk | 29 July 2019

Enhance body’s immunity:

Papaya leaves contain phenolic compounds, papain and alkaloids and these nutrients act as strong antioxidants which, in turn, enhance the body’s immunity. Also, the combination of papain and another compound helps in effectively digesting the essential proteins which can cure digestive disorders.

Guidelines in using carica papaya leaf extract for Dengue fever patients | British Medical Journal 15 September 2015

Carica Papaya leaf extract is now being widely used as a treatment for Dengue fever in many countries (1) and in some with the approval of their health authorities (2). A large amount of biomedical research has been done on this subject, including three randomized control clinical trials (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13). There were no reported significant adverse effects following this treatment (7) and toxicology studies ruled out any toxic effects even at higher doses (14).

This research has shown many beneficial effects, including reduction in the duration of fever, duration of illness, hospital stay, most importantly fluid leak and the conversion of Dengue fever to Dengue haemorrhagic fever, rapid elevation of white blood cells and platelet counts. This treatment can be initiated at primary care level after confirming the diagnosis with NS1 antigen from the first day of fever.

Papaya Extract to Treat Dengue: A Novel Therapeutic Option?

Annals of Medical & Health Sciences Research | May-June 2014

Discussion: (last paragraph)

Papaya extract no doubt offers a cheap and possibly effective treatment for dengue. However, currently, it is necessary not to rely entirely on the leaf extract and ignore standard treatment for dengue until the benefits are established. Large scale randomized clinical trials in dengue-confirmed patients is necessary to establish their usefulness.

Papaya leaf juice: The cure for dengue fever | Dhaka Tribune

Dr. Sajol Ashfaq | 30 August 2013

A person suffering from dengue fever or dengue hemorrhagic fever will only be treated with either fluids or blood transfusions to manage the symptoms of the disease. Unfortunately, this type of treatment does not always work.

Chief of the researchers Dr Soobitha Subenthran from the Institute for Medical Research in Kuala Lumpur said, they found that the “carica papaya” leaf juice helps increase platelet count in patients with dengue fever. Their results were published in March, in an Egyptian-based medical journal called “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine” published by Hindawi Publishing Corporation. The first ever study of carica papaya leaf extracts in patients suffering from dengue fever by Dr Hettige was reported in the Sri Lanka in 2008.

Why the disconnect (dengue rapid cure foundation laid 2008)

2008 – Two Sri Lanka medical doctors, husband and wife – wife pleaded with her research oriented husband Doctor Sanath Hettige to please find a cure to stop the dying of her young patients from severe dengue fever.

2008 – Doctor Sanath Hettige, associated with the University Of Nottingham discovered giving patients Papaya Leaf Extract cured the patients rapidly and did not need hospitalization after 2 days. Patients elected to be treated at home.

Salutary effect of carica papaya leaf extract in dengue fever patients – a pilot study (PDF)

S Hettige1 | Sri Lankan Family Physician, 2008, 29, 17-19

Discussion: (retyped)

From the above results it was evident that both the platelet counts and total white cell counts had increased in all patients within 24 hours after administering papaya leaf juice. It is known that the platelet count drops in dengue patients after the first three days of fever and the then gradually increases after the 7th day or drop further with derangement of other clotting factors to develop into dengue hemorrhagic state3. It was significant to observe that the platelet count increased in all 12 patients with two doses of papaya leaf juice and all patients recovered with no hospital admission. conclusion:

Why the disconnect – 12 patients with two doses of papaya leaf juice and all patients recovered with no hospital admission.

Why the disconnect – is it because dengue fever is a cash cow that keeps giving especially on the long term illness of the poor and the death of young children.