PLXRC-2 days will dry up the ‘No Cure’ dengue fever ‘Cash Cow’

Why would vested interests, in the ‘No Cure’ dengue fever mantra, mindless parroted rote, want to let you know papaya leaf extract – rapid cure, 2 days (PLXRC-2days) has been proven by tons of scientific paper research beginning as early as 2008?

There is even a patented PAPAYACAP, if one is not inclined to use the traditional pestle and mortar technique used successfully under the learning’s of Doctor Sanath Hettige in the early 2008 discovery technique.

At – Viruses Dead End Here & Much More, we created the PLXRC-2 days synonym to abbreviate the 2008 findings of research medical doctor Sanath Hettige, at the pleas of his medical doctor wife, Menaka, to find a cure to put and end to the dying of her young patients who suffered painfully without any understanding of why they were ill.

Can anyone reading the above two paragraphs fail to understand the need to either challenge the themes of the above paragraphs or;

Can you see the need to comment of your personal experience with dengue fever;

  • as a survivor
  • having knowledge of a family member or neighbor’s encounter
  • disbelief in the existence of a cure
  • knowledge of this cure or some other
  • the value of your comment to help in our coming to the knowledge of truth

At – Viruses Dead End Here & Much More, for the year 2020, after 8 years of blogging the truth of there long being a natural cure for dengue fever – were moving towards breaking the bones of the ‘No Cure’ assured suffering parroted mantra that sends young children, long painfully suffering, to premature graves.

Who benefits from what we see being a human rights violation – ‘follow the money’…

At – Viruses Dead End Here & Much More, there is more than enough information to search to show the truth for a cure, that most, if not all of our posting at least for the month of 2020 will be thought provoking, pleading for comments, FAQ, and personal testimonies that will put an end to epidemics and individual long sufferings.

At – Viruses Dead End Here & Much More, for 2020, developing one page commentaries, the last paragraph on the page will justify what we share by suggesting you search on our blog, and online: Sanath Hettige, British Medical Journal, University Of Nottingham, papayaleaves.wordpress.comyou will be amazed of what you will find online…