Preventable deaths, no long sufferings, if you’ve had dengue fever, we ask your help – comment on this page please…*PLXRC-2 days

  • health experts have known about dengue fever for more than 200 years
  • 50 million cases occur each year, were you or someone you know 1 or more of the millions?
  • 22,000 yearly deaths, mostly children
  • many more cases go unreported because some healthcare providers do not recognize the disease
  • patients suffer bone pain of dengue fever; “break-bone” fever because it sometimes causes severe joint and muscle pain that feels like bones breaking

This page has been posted to begin to help get the message out, there is a proven scientifically rapid cure for dengue fever in spite of the denials of established health care providers who may have an invested interest in keeping this truth from you.

If you’ve had dengue fever before, or know of someone who had this disease, then you should have an invested interest in knowing the truth.

This blog has loads of information. I suggest as main searches: Sanath Hettige, University Of Nottingham, British Medical Journal.

It is my hope, some who do decide to leave a comment, you will then help us get the message out to your own family members, extended family, community neighbors, and co-workers and others. This is the only way to end epidemics and learn of nutritional foods that will give your own immune system the nutrients it needs both for prevention and cure.

My plea to those who already have suffered, you are not immune to other varieties of this disease.

Please help our efforts, leave a comment or ask questions, we will all benefit from your sharing:

*PLXRC-2 days (Papaya Leaf Extract Rapid Cure-2 days) – when PLX is started at the early onset of dengue fever, its symptoms are greatly shortened; that information can be found in this blog too.

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