2020 end the ‘No Cure’ dengue ‘Great Disconnect’ – research the bullet points – end the ‘Great Disconnect’ now…

  • Menaka Hettige, also a medical doctor, pleaded with her husband, researcher, Doctor Sanath Hettige to find a cure for dengue fever to stop the long sufferings of her young children patients and their horrific deaths

  • 2008 research medical doctor Sanath Hettige discovered the Papaya Leaf Extract (PLX) rapid cure for dengue fever and assisted patients who elected to do the cure at home

  • Doctor Sanath Hettige by letter twice informed the British Medical Journal of his discovery, one letter dated 2011

  • British Medical Journal since first publishing Dr. Hettige’s letter has continued publishing articles related to the preparation of PLX and the continuance of confirmed scientific finding of this cure

  • Major Asian newspapers such as the TOI has volumes of information also reporting this cure is even being done at home

  • The University Of Nottingham again in 2018 reconfirmed the discovery of Dr. Sanath Hettige

  • A Sri Lankan patent has been awarded to Doctor Hettige for PAPAYA CAP, reported to be effective also in the permanent cure for diabetes

University reconfirms Dr. Sanath Hettige’s papaya leaf extract cure for dengue fever

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