Attn. WHO & CDC: Breaking ‘No Cure’ sound barrier – University Of Nottingham reaffirms 2008 Dr. Sanath Hettige PLXRC for dengue fever to prevent the death of young children who would not live to see their teen years

2020 Stopping the ‘Great Disconnect’

Sri Lankan Family Practice research medical doctor Sanath Hettige, responding to the pleas of his Family Practice wife, Dr. Menanka Hettige — in 2008 discovered papaya leaf extract to be a rapid cure (PLXRC) for dengue fever, rapidly raising blood platelets within the first 24/hours when starting PLXRC at the earliest onset of dengue fever. PLXRC also stops the bleeding of body organs if treatment started before damage goes beyond recovery stage.

Sri Lankan Research Dr. Sanath Discovery Reaffirmed – Second Time

Why the ‘Great Disconnect’?

The Times Of India has reported time and time again of the benefits of papaya leaf extract, how to prepare PLX, even as a home cure — time and time again:

2020 Time to ‘Break The Dengue ‘No Cure’ Sound Barrier

This is why we must all do our part to get the real cure into every medical institution and stop denying there is a cure. In 2020 Help break the Dengue ‘No Cure’ Sound Barrier the only way to help child dengue patients to reach their teen years…

Help us Break The Dengue Sound Barrier in 2020

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