China Re-Quarantines ‘Cured’ Coronavirus Patients

Authorities in China introduced a 14-day mandatory quarantine this weekend for patients who had supposedly recovered from the coronavirus.

Source: China Re-Quarantines ‘Cured’ Coronavirus Patients

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Some experts warned that the current way by which Chinese doctors define when a patient is “cured” may be insufficient. Zhao Jianping, a doctor in Hubei, explained to Southern People Weekly last week that the issue was causing major difficulties as resources are already stretched.

“It may be that there are still viruses or viral gene fragments in the discharged patients,” Cai Weiping, head of the infectious diseases department at Guangzhou No 8 Hospital, told the outlet. “It is not yet certain whether they are infectious. This is a new pathogen, and we don’t yet have a perfect process to understand it.” (click source link to read full article)