Coronavirus: how many infected cases in your local area before you decide not to frequent public places?

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How Many Cases Of Covid-19 Will It Take For You To Decide Not To Frequent Public Places?


This careless denial of danger and urgency characterized the official response in China before the epidemic exploded and it characterizes the lackadaisical sloppiness of official response in the U.S.: few facilities have test kits, thousands of people who arrived on U.S. soil on direct flights from Wuhan have not been tested, confirmed carriers have been placed on flights with uninfected people, and the city of Costa Mesa, CA had to file a lawsuit to stop federal agencies from transferring confirmed carriers to dilapidated facilities that are incompatible with thorough quarantine protocols.

For many people, even a handful of cases will be a tremendous shock because they were unrealistically confident that it can’t happen here. The realization that the virus is active locally and can be spread by people who don’t have any symptoms shatters the comfortable complacency and introduces a chilling reality: what was an abstraction is now real.

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This is a vital read you won’t want to miss reading.

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