Coronavirus – fake news is reported as truth; truth is assailed as being lies; where do YOU find your truth in news; share please

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Posted below is a first hand account of a woman, age 60, who has a history of illnesses and compares the coronavirus to what she has experienced in the past:

First person account of woman, age 60 – was aboard the Diamond Princess

“I knew my number was up”


Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came onto the plane and said that three of us who had been cordoned off would fly to Omaha (with our spouses, if they wanted to come along). The CDC had a quarantine location at the University of Nebraska’s hospital. We arrived on Feb. 17, greeted by a fleet of ambulances and police cars. Officials put me on a stretcher and wheeled me into a van, which made for a very dramatic scene. I easily could have walked despite my exhaustion.

Please comment and tell us where you get truthful news you have established to be so over a year or two of reading the suggested source.

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