CORONAVIRUS: of course natural cures will be totally ignored by MSM – no big money to be made for their advertisers

senior1938voice commentary – *CORONAVIRUSgate is in full swing; follow the money

A caring team
We treated our son with camote tea when he encountered dengue fever – works like papaya leaf extract. Eight years blogging as, help us Break the ‘Great Disconnect’ in 2020

I/we started this blog 8 years ago with the intent to advocate putting an end to the needless and inhumane (crime against humanity) deaths of young children dying of an easily curable pathogen – dengue fever.

When Ebola made its’ unannounced debut on the West Coast nations of Africa, like dengue fever, it was quickly made known by MSM – no cure existed.

Seasonal world killer flu’s is no cause for alarm, that is, until the flu is used as a measurement of what coronavirus (COVID-19) will accomplish or fail to accomplish.

So. What is the sure cure, scientifically proven that would end the crime against humanity (needless deaths of young children) – papaya leaf extract a rapid cure (PLXRC); indisputable.

So. What is the sure cure, scientifically proven, for the Ebola pathogen virus – NSS10ppm. A nontoxic powerful virus killer with an almost endless known (and perhaps unknown) listing of killing virus, bacteria and yeast pathogens.

Now that we have COVID-19 on a global march, who will advocate or test (honestly & truthfully) that NSS10ppm will (or won’t) kill this latest DLKV (Designer Lab Killer Virus).

My next posting will be a conclusion adopted from the stateofthenation.coonline news network.

Disclaimer & Plea:

I have yet to find a local distribution of NSS10ppm in the Philippines. If there is such a local retail distribution, yet unknown to me, please comment. Also, if anyone capable of making NSS10ppm a local retail distribution, in the Philippines, please contact me and make a comment to this post – this is urgent. (NSS10ppm can only be made in a scientific manufacturing plant)

Also in closing this disclaimer, I’m putting my trust in raw garlic consumption, big time.

Better to stink of garlic, than a rotting body for the lack of family funds to pay for cremation.

*CORONAVIRUSgate; adopted from a headline; will be a theme of my very next posting, out some time today (Philippine day).

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