Coronavirus: high doses of IV vitamin C – why can’t they try it? Arrogance of top level health institutions and professionals – absolutely kills patients daily

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The amazing story of a New Zealand dairy farmer who caught swine flu and very nearly died.

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Intensive care specialists were all set to pull him off life support, saying there was no hope. But his family refused to give up. They demanded the doctors try high doses of Vitamin C, a radical treatment well outside mainstream medicine. The hospital told them it wouldn’t work but the family insisted. It turned into a fight, the family even hired a top lawyer. But in the end, as Melanie Reid will show you, the farmer is now very much alive.

Since this story broke, New Zealanders have been clamouring for intravenous Vitamin C treatments, only to be met with resistance from many hospitals. Professor Ian Brighthope MD (also interviewed for Food Matters) says “people are dying because of the attitude of the medical profession”

senior1938comment – put IV vitamin C on the table

Following are 8 captured screen shots, representing 06:30 minutes of a 15:38 documentary video of grave importance right now featured at YouTube.

1. SV1938 comment: When established seasonal flu strikes, even for a novel flu; we are always immediately told there is no cure; IV High Dose Vitamin C? “Why can’t we try”?

2. SV1938 comment: I am not an avid fan of news via YouTube; but this is a major exception, 15:38 minutes, I’ve watched and watched again. Thanks to Melanie Reid pictured above.

3. SV1938 comment: This man’s father was about to be taken off of life support machinery, but he insisted, against hospital policy and there professional decision and training;

…what is there to lose, to do this one last thing – IV high dose vitamin C. You can’t do anymore damage to the patient than what the disease has already brought to the very doors of death.

4. SV1938 comment: The hospital felt there was no need to prolong Mr. ? inevitable death.
5. SV1938 comment: True of false the hospital authority sates; “never shown any benefit effect on influenza, including H1N1”

6. SV1938 comment: Was this the voice of deadly self-denial, ill informed arrogance; “hospital declare under no circumstances in which ______ will be given” – (vitamin C)

7. SV1938voice: “Fools rush in where angel’s fear to tread”; – voice of deadly arrogance

8. SV1938voice: this is the voice of hope, the voice giving the right to live on in spite of bottom line for profit medicine….

senior1938voice comment:

The above 8 screenshot captures introduces only 06:30 minutes into a 15:38 minutes true life encounters that we may all experience personally – perhaps soon.

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