Beware of smelling sweet or sour, stop dengue and DIY to repel mosquitoes

Updating 30 March 2020

All information below this updating remains as a background for you to formulate a repellent oil that suits your needs and scent. Remember this, the scent is not noticeable to others after the passing of a few minutes. I find it is not at all like perfumes you can smell long after someone is no longer in view. It’s the mosquitoes we’re concerned about – right?

I’ve discovered using Baby Oil, purchased in 100ml bottles, with an inverted clear plastic removable and replaceable seal, I pop in and out as needed, to add 1/4 spoon each of powered/granulated cinnamon and cloves. Using a eye glass repair kit screw driver, punching through the center of the clear plastic inverted seal, controls the flow of oil, when shaking the oil into the palm of my hand.

From all the possible oils suggested in the original article now more than 7 years old, you can enhance the basic baby oil/cinnamon/clove oil by choosing additional oils or powders to make the sweet or sour scent that will repel mosquitoes. Get creative, but always test your oil on the lower inner wrist area of your arm to alert of any possible allergic reactions.

Original Posting Below this notice:

To keep mosquitoes from biting us in the first place, we must all learn to balance smelling sweet or sour at all times. Mosquitoes are selectively attracted to and repelled by both sweet (sugar) and sour (socks worn all day) scent.

Reading the WARNING information on most of the leading brands of mosquito repellents for use on exposed skin areas, was enough to spark my do-it-yourself nature to formulate a blend of local products I could simply buy at local markets. The more I’ve learned, the more success I have to share with you.

Here is a listing of products I use, and have used, based on when they are available:  

Products I blend to keep mosquitoes from biting me-- it works!
Products I blend to keep mosquitoes from biting me– it works!


  •  100% virgin coconut oil (VCO) – is always the base and usually ½ by volume of mix
  • Human NatureTM citronella oil – a blended oil which is not always available from a local dealer.  (rated effective 2-4 hours).

    • organic virgin coconut oil
    • citronella oil
    • lemon grass essential oil
    • rosemary            “         “
    • lavender             “         “
    • vitamin E
  • Genuine EFFICASCENT OILTM – ingredients each 100 ml contains:  (I believe this is the high-octane in my current blendings)
    • methyl salicylate 13.8846 ml
    • camphor                  3.846 g
    • menthol                   0.423g
    • turpentine oil          4.615 ml
    • eucalyptus oil          1.000 ml
    • color                          q.s.
    • liquid paraffin          q.s.
    • As soon as I can establish a source for neem oil, my DIY plan is to blend only neem & virgin coconut oils. I read neem rates very high in effective hours 6 – 8/hrs.
  • Vicks – VapoRubTM
    • camphor
    • menthol
    • eucalyptus oil
    • This salve relieves itching in about 15 minutes which does seem longer if you itch as bad as I do when bitten. A severe bite can wake me up from a nights sleep.

The listing of of products and oils, is very purposefully intended, to share with you the endless list of what repels mosquitoes and what attracts mosquitoes– sweet and sour. Would you believe vanilla extract used in baking is a mosquito repellent. Sangria wine, being fruity sweet, can be used as a killer attractant trap for mosquito control.  This one we will try when I buy the wine on our next shopping trip.

No one that I know of, when the subject comes up, usually in joking, has any interest in ‘re-inventing the wheel’. Same here. My livelihood professional skills are in the wood industries, cabinetmaking, rough and finish carpentry, etc. That is why I always credit sources and now will begin to attach a

Suggested links list:

Good in understandable factual detail:

Using plants to repel mosquitoes great idea:

Bottom line DIY motivation for me:

The price sticker on essential items that truly add value to our lives, are priced to pull the maximum dollars and cents out of our wallets, pocketbooks, or change purses– it’s called “What the market will bear pricing”. Sometimes we are driven to borrow money to pay hospital bills.

For the subject of this posting, purchasing 100% VCO is a household budget sacrifice made in the interest of preventive medicine. As repeated, when relevant; we have already paid a hospital bill for

Kept two extra days in the hospital, total of five day until we paid the bill in full.
Kept two extra days in the hospital, total of five day until we paid the bill in full.

my wife’s teen son who contacted dengue fever in early 2012. The saving grace there was we knew the value of camote tea to rapidly increase blood platelet and white blood cell counts.  Kim would have been discharged in just three days but it took us two additional days to get the money to where he is living with a relative.  Some of you have also encountered the no pay, no discharge policy of many hospitals.

This blog exists for the purpose of saving the lives of innocent children who die of mosquito borne diseases. Those of who live in areas not populated with mosquitoes, are not likely easily attracted to this blog.  For the rest of us, ask questions, make comments, get active within your own family and community. This is ..the only way we will prevent mosquitoes from destroying our wellbeing, killing adults and children alike. Failing to do this, we need to know how to handle, not merely re-act– handle, emergencies that come when we least expect, via mosquito or some other misfortune environmentally or socially triggered event.

Share this information with others and you may knowingly or unknowingly save someones life, especially that of innocent children.  In keeping with repellents, the next repellent posting will address outdoor mosquito control, a very effective one at that.

Love to all,

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