Coronanvirus (COVID-19): Vitamin C – read and save a life today; theBMJ covid-19 Research

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theBMJ covid-19 Research

Two strains of the SARS virus sequenced(link to British Medical Journal complete article)

  • studies show decreased levels of vitamin C in plasma, leukocytes, and in urine during various infections, including pneumonia, which suggests that infections affect vitamin C metabolism.
  • Placebo-controlled trials have shown quite consistently that the duration and severity of colds are reduced in the vitamin C group.
  • Several authors have suggested that vitamin C hasten convalescence from pneumonia, although I am aware of only randomized trial pertinent to this issue; it was carried out in the UK with elderly patients suffering from pneumonia or bronchitis.
  • Therapeutic vitamin C (0.2g/day) caused a statistically significant decrease in a score of respiratory symptoms in the patients who were most severely ill when admitted to hospital, and a decrease bordering on statistical significance in all patients.
  • Two strains of the SARS virus sequenced(link to BMJ complete article)

senior1938voice comments:

Now 8 years into publishing Viruses Dead End Here And Much More, we’ve observed a deliberate pattern; an immediate declaration will be made, and often enforced with threats – “There are no known cures for the latest mysterious debut of DLKV (Designer Lab Killer Viruses).

This is not true.

Carefully searching our site, we have proved time and time again, there are cures, some of which must be searched out, or look at historical healing information such as this posting reveals. We, the public are being indoctrinated that high dose IV vitamin C is not an effective treatment for coronaviruses. This posting and the preceding one – proves otherwise.

Let the healthcare shopper and patient beware – search diligently for ‘natural’ truth and natures gifts of healing, so simple, and so healing.

A life-saving posting that needs to be shared today: ; if you have not read our previous posting; Coronavirus: High doses of IV vitamin C – Why can’t they try it (read it now