1938 senior voice Coronavirus Commentary – Good News; DLKV will see the light of day

senior1938voice commentary 81 years 10 months 4 days

“What is done in the dark, will one day see the light of day”. Grandmother drilled that into her two grandchildren see raised from birth; diligently, earnestly, even after becoming a widow before I graduated from Junior High School.

‘The light of day’, is slowly breaking through the darkness of human engineered DLKV (Designer Lab Killer Viruses).

High dose IV vitamin C has been reported to save influenza patients; just before hospital staff succeeded in convincing relatives there was no longer hope. Death was portrayed as the only sure event – end life and assure the right to die.

“People do not die of influenza, they die of a vitamin C deficiency”; states one expert.

Now that old time malaria drugs are showing good results what of NSS10ppm, the suppressed cure for Ebola. You need to read the almost endless list of pathogens this nano-silver solution 10ppm will kill almost instantly.

Garlic. There is endless research on the garlic herbs ability to prevent and kill epidemic pathogens. Of course you can’t wait to become ill before waking up to foods for medicine and prevention.

Baking soda and honey is a well known cancer remedy, guess I wasn’t suppose to know that.

We have been led into the wilderness of ignorance of natures extremely affordable cures. For what reason? Is it because they are almost globally affordable and some are free, growing in home gardens and on neglected public lots, just down the street from where some of us live.

How pitifully stupid we have been made – speaking of self too. Being 81 years 10 months & 4 days, I’ve struggled with my GED education to still learn, still have hope, even now, some lives have been saved.

We came online, Viruses Dead End Here – senior1938voice.com hoping to put and end to the deaths of innocent young children dying and experiencing the horrifying painful illness of dengue fever. Dengue fever still rages globally, with a few DLKVs enhanced and brought about under new names.

Have you ever personally seen a dengue fever hospital ward in person. I’ve not yet seen or asked to see a DF ward, but I’ve seen wards such as mothers who had newborns sharing the same bed with another mother. No space for visitors – really. Patients lined up on both sides of the hallways, laying in hospital beds with their IVs rigged in the most rickshaw manner you could imagine. Yet the poorest of nation states can afford wars and some of the latest battle armaments in preparation if war comes.

From dengue fever and other DLKV mosquito borne diseases, through Ebola – now a prime (fueled up with MSM panic) coronavirus (common flu is an acceptable low grade coronavirus) finally getting engineered to esteem global panic – a Bill Gates dream come true; when will we wake from the stupor of being sheep led to slaughter.

Whom am I to write such an angry compassionate commentary. Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, Gandhi, Kennedy brothers, and all historical unknown deemed deploreables, have not stopped the deeds of the mighty elite and their cohorts to bring us to this day.

All this to say, all of the above, is posted on my humble blog, truth (hopefully) dug out of the dirt, dusted off, and shared. We die of some of these preventable deaths because we have been taught to die in smothered silence, never to be heard or even seen.

Thanks to my Junior H.S. typing teacher, and an interest in using computers starting in the 1960s, I share this with you;

get away from the pharmaceuticals, they are designed to enroll life-time subscribers for their patent formulas designed to ease symptoms until the next emergency doctors visit for readjustments of meds. How do I know this, its in my own household (it’s not me), I just pay for the meds monthly.

Again; how do I know these things to share, it’s called life at the margins – not quite integrated into great societies, and not quite out – surviving on the finger scratching thin margins.

Search all things and live free of false news.

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