Designer Lab Killer Virus (DLKV) coronavirus, is taking a beating; what about known dengue fever cures – that naturally exist too?

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These children are no more due to neglect of known cure NSS10ppm

Dengue fever, a global concern, killer of millions over the ages, for close to 100 years now, in spite of an affirmed natural cure (PLXRC) dating back to 2008; thanks to researching Sri Lanka medical doctor Sanath Hettige. The British Medical Journal has many articles regarding this research discovery that papaya leaf extract rapid cure/s dengue fever. Any individual, institution of any manner, that doubts this – search and read my blog.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is being taken down in an amazing rapid fashion, but dengue fever, in spite of, long standing, scientific known and affirmed cures — still kill innocent young children, they suffer wholesale; why? Dengue fever is a criminal disease, a much tolerated international global crime against humanity. It is a highly profitable return on meager investments (cash cow) for ages.

Ebola has a known cure too – NSS10ppm, suppressed while it horribly slaughtered Africans for what purpose? Ebola didn’t make coronavirus MSM panic fame in its testing debut. Ebola is said by one professional; is dengue fever on steroids; yet both, so easy to rapidly cure.

These pathogenic diseases, no doubt, exist for purposes far beyond our comprehension, but all is coming to the light of day in 2020.

In closing, not that I want to, we have begun to awaken the sleeping (not all, some have been killed) keepers of truth.

Coronavirus going down; let’s tie dengue fever to its coattails too.

Just stop the criminal horrific body sufferings of young children and their inhumane and painful deaths now.

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