Coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine saves State Rep Karen Whitsett life, why are some State Governments blocking use of an affirmed scientifically proven safe – life-saving drug?


Captured from article:

Whitsett was familiar with “the wonders” of hydroxychloroquine because she previously had Lyme disease, but says she would not have thought of asking her doctor had Trump not mentioned it in public as a possible treatment for the deadly COVID-19.

For the last several weeks, the president has been been discussing that he had learned about various previously approved drugs for other ailments that were helping those inflicted with COVID-19.

Rapid cure being denied & children die

The article in Just New goes on to report many MSM are using their fake news panic format to what amounts to a crime against humanity. When will someone step up to the plate and start holding politicians and news media criminally accountable for their corporate and elected to office crimes -governors or not?

And do senior1938voice – Viruses Dead End Here a personal life-saving favor; put and end to WHO & CDC claiming there is no cure for dengue fever. A lie that has killed millions of children and surely some have died this week too. Papaya leaf extract rapid cure has been a cure discovered in 2008 by Dr. Sanath Hettige, and scientifically affirmed and proven time, and time again. Could it be, there is no big profit incentive for not only pharmaceutical companies, but not profitable for WHO & CDC to acknowledge this PLXRC.