Attn. WHO & CDC: Breaking 'No Cure' sound barrier – University Of Nottingham reaffirms 2008 Dr. Sanath Hettige PLXRC for dengue fever to prevent the death of young children who would not live to see their teen years

WHO & CDC need to read and respect natural alternative science and hold to the truth and end the "No Cure' -- 'Great Disconnect'

2020 end the 'No Cure' dengue 'Great Disconnect' – research the bullet points – end the 'Great Disconnect' now…

2020 is the time for all Asia to bring to every citizen the scientific facts - there is a confirmed cure for dengue fever. Won't you help this effort too.

2020 “no cure” dengue myth destroyed; 2019 ways to fight dengue fever, 2013 240 patients research trial, 2008 cure foundation laid platelets “rapidly increase” 2nd & 3rd day –– Why The Disconnect?

We are years late, and too many avoidable deaths -- 2020 let the no cure myth be buried and not our children.

Year-End Review: Dengue turns ugly in 2019

Incumbent Mayor Sayeed Khokon loses party nomination Source: Year-End Review: Dengue turns ugly in 2019   Where is the disconnect? This news media has many article addressing the Papaya Leaf Extract Cure. 2020 | Viruses Dead End Here & Much More campaigns to bring major International Corporations, in the mutual interests of their adult … Continue reading Year-End Review: Dengue turns ugly in 2019

2020 Appeal to all Asian International Corporations to act in the interest of adult customers/donors and their children

Our dependence on professional health institutions has not stopped long term sufferings nor painful horrific sever dengue fever deaths, especially of innocent children.

Flashback | Have you settled with a “Way” of life with illness – Aint' no money in well people!

My wife was strung along more than 8 years on maintenance drugs, and a misdiagnosis. Then what? Switch & Bait. Still none of her meds feeds nutritional needs or even come close to any form of healing...