It has become a constant part of our daily lives, to read about some pending virus epidemic or superbug that will kill millions.  Many are claimed to be incurable;

that’s not true.

Incurable in modern medicine is another way of saying long established contemporary pharmaceutical drugs and over the counter medicines are failing you.


at Viruses Dead End Here & Much More, have faith!  You will learn even what the government knows of remedies, even before something as deadly as Ebola made the first headlines in the nation states of West Coast Africa.

This year we hope to accomplish what we’ve invested 8 years in doing — Putting an end to the no cure dengue fever myth and much more.

Since 2008 there has been a scientifically known natural rapid cure (2 days) for dengue fever.

This 2020 year we’ve decided to be more than a blogging voice. We are engaging bodily in doing physical community services, planning to create duplicatable employment opportunities, training, and volunteer programs.

This will be a self-supporting, self-perpetuating, enterprising Not-for-Profit venture, not of the charity variety. Profits will be re-invested to grow our mission to save lives, especially children.

We’re planning to affiliate with a natural pharmacy international business and host some products here in the Philippines for now. The first product will probably be an insect repellent, natural, far more effective and lasting than any on the market today.

We intend to enterprise to enable us to do more this year — income for our business and income for our neighbors and hopefully internationally too.

These are challenging goals and mission intent. So we are hoping you will find products or services that appeal to your needs and affordability – easy for us to keep this in mind, because we have a great personal need for affordability as does the greater world population.

Enough of these details which we see as moving forward to be more able and empowered to break dengue fever backbone, rather than have dengue fever attack us with uncontrollable breakbone fever, painful misery and all too many deaths which are avoidable.

Please comment on what we’ve shared for our 2020 outlook…. Please won’t you comment now. We will keep this open for the first 100 commentators… Won’t you be first… 😉

I will be volunteering my services to my wife, who has been extremely supportive in all things since retiring to the the Philippines.

In His Will we trust,

Alicia Constante Martinez & Nicasio Martinez

What a blessedness | What a joy divine…

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