It has become a constant part of our daily lives, to read about some pending virus epidemic or superbug that will kill millions.  Many are claimed to be incurable;

that’s not true.

Incurable in modern medicine is another way of saying long established contemporary pharmaceutical drugs and over the counter medicines are failing you.


at Viruses Dead End Here, have faith!  You will learn even what the government knows of remedies, even before something as deadly as Ebola made the first headlines in the nation states of of West Coast Africa.

This 2020 year we are now more than a blogging voice. We are engaging bodily in doing physical community services, build employment opportunities, training, and volunteer programs that need your supportive funding, purchases of high quality health products, and donations.

In later postings; – ‘Business From The Heart’, we will give the details.

We invite and encourage our immediate neighbors, all subscribers and world visitors, to help us by making online affiliate purchases of high quality natural health products, and donations to help us establish employment and volunteer opportunites, as we build a self-sustaining community outreach service to;

“end denuge fever in Philippines / all Asia”,

our sleeves are now rolled up and hope for helping local, subscription and world support in this 2020 year. We welcome your thoughts, questions, and suggestions of what has been shared on this Home page.

Please comment which will be of benefit in our learning as we share.

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