June 13th, the 80th year of my life, what a blessing.  From early adulthood, to right now, my interests in affordable natural health alternatives intrigues me.  Headaches, Flu, colds, or usually assumed aging afflictions; –none of that do I experience.  No need to run down the list of old age woes, most are alien to me.  But I do admit to a bit of hearing loss in my left ear.

Over the years, I’ve always sought out the simple, natural, and affordable means of staying well.  Prescribed and over the counter drugs, are often expensive, over priced, and often are life endangering at best. Most of all, they do nothing to fortify your immune system, or provide your body’s vital nutritional needs.

Here let us share, find, what is reasonably affordable as we learn together;  –Viruses Dead End Here!

For a whole-body affordable nutritional soluton; Essiac Tea