Are you here to find answers cures for epidemic diseases?

Going on eight years now, having first read the 2008 discovery of University Of Nottingham associated research medical doctor Sanath Hettige of Sri Lanka – this led me on to answer these four questions – especially in the interest of ending the long sufferings of children and deaths; their not reaching their teen years:

Is there no cure for dengue fever?

Is there truly a cure for dengue fever?

Which is it?

If there exists a confirmed scientific cure, what factual information will you find posted in this blog – putting and end to the ‘Great Disconnect’?

Dr. Sanath Hettige won the Presidential award for the best medical invention of the year and the silver award for the same in the International Innovation Fair in India.

Twelve years ago, Dr. Hettige laid down the foundation that scientific research institutions have caught up with; now confirming his early work, accomplished in the year 2008, and we go from there in this blog.

You’ve landed in the right place to find scientific reports from research institutions; the British Medical Journal, leading internationally read news papers such as The Times Of India, and many other health institutional media sources.

My wife and I had a first hand experience with dengue fever with our son. We know there are more than one cure, but one is so confirmed, it should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as of this 2020 year.

Leave your questions, thoughtful opinions at the bottom of each posting that challenges or confirms what has been posted. This is how we mutually learn – together.

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