Cancer defeated a life-time ago!!

Microbes, viruses, bad bacteria vs. life saving decisions - much have been written truthfully and falsely relating to these living organisms that live/colonize within or on the exterior of our living bodies. Cancer!! Defeated more than a life-time ago!! Are there human friendly remedies/cures for cancer? With your own ears – hear it from … Continue reading Cancer defeated a life-time ago!!

PUNCH, Nigerian newspaper; Ebola containment (defeated)

Victory over 90% sure killer Ebola: Thank God Nigeria has been certified free from Ebola Virus Disease by the World Health Organization. Our gratitude also goes to the Federal Government, state governments and stakeholders in the health sector and indeed all Nigerians for rising up in unison to say no to the Ebola scourge. This … Continue reading PUNCH, Nigerian newspaper; Ebola containment (defeated)