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You’ve come to the right place to get away from all the over priced pharmaceutical or natural solutions/nutrients that overwhelm us at the check-out counters or buttons.

Tea is one of the most common, often affordable, means to feed and fortify our immune system.  When our son came down with dengue fever, we told his aunt who he was staying with in Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines, to boil camote (sweet potato) leaves and have drink the tea.  The doctor okayed our request.  He made a rapid recovery and the doctor credited to his drinking lots of water.  Surprise; –what was in the water?  Camote tea is one of the well known remedies here in the Philippines, especially amongst the older generations.



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    1. In just the few visits and reading your comments, as Humphrey Bogart (Rick) said to inspector Louie (Claude Rains); “This may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship”!

      Thanks for commenting on affordable solutions. Hope you will visit VDEH as natural solutions to pressing health concerns, is my major concern.

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